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Why it's worth a visit to Japan

A friendly culture, an incredible food scene, ancient history and technology we’ve not even dreamed of here yet, Japan’s brimming with reasons to go – no wonder it’s high on the travel-list for so many of us. And with two of the world’s biggest sporting events in 2019 and 2020 being hosted in Japan, it’s becoming even more popular!  

When visiting multiple destinations within your holiday, the challenging part’s always the logistics of getting from A to B. But choose a tour and those worries will be gone. Japan’s bursting with fascinating sights, shows, landscapes and cultures to see and get stuck into – travel on an escorted group tour and they’ll be sure to show you it all!

If we’ve not sold it to you already, take a look at our favourite spots that’ll put Japan at the top of your bucket list.


Perhaps an obvious choice, but you can’t go all that way and miss out on Japan’s capital. It’s the ultimate mix match of ancient and modern. One moment you’ll be gazing up at the towering skyscrapers and the next, in a traditional street amongst Buddhist temples. There’s neon lights and a unique pop culture at every turn, perfect for those who enjoy getting involved with karaoke (it’s a favourite for the locals), so go on, give it a go!

If you’d like to get a taster for Japanese life, book yourself a spot at a Sumo wrestling show. The rituals are as fascinating as the show itself – and even if you’ve seen wrestling before, we can guarantee it’ll still be an entirely new and unique experience.



Pay a visit to Kyoto and you’ll come face to face with countless temples, shrines and ancient traditions, all still going strong today. If you’re short for time, make sure you tick Kinkaku-ji (the golden temple) off. Dating back to 1397, its zen-like features are covered in gold leaf and will leave you impressed (it’s hard to beat this one)!

Kyoto’s also the heart of Japan’s geisha world. Escorted tours give you the opportunity to learn more about their unique culture and even meet them in some instances – now that’s not something you do every day!



Japan’s got a wealth of idyllic landscapes. Leave the cities and you’ll be amazed at just how much. We’re sure you’ll have admired photos or paintings of Mount Fuji in the past, but seeing it will bring it home, just how mighty and impressive it is. Just a couple of hours from Tokyo, there’s plenty you can do in its surrounds, including a cruise on neighbouring Lake Ashi and a trip to the volcano’s fifth station (it’s a must in our eyes) or bathing in the hot springs in the resort of Hakone. We recommend you do all three – enjoy the views as much as you possibly can!



Lesser-known Takayama will give you a glimpse into authentic rural Japan. Its pretty setting in the Japanese Alps will give you that much needed down-time in between your busy city stops. Slow down the pace, stroll through the quiet streets and soak up the views – you won’t get much better. Museums, galleries and temples are a-plenty to keep you busy, after all, you’re there to explore. Easily explored on foot, Takayama’s relaxed nature is the prefect stop to re-energise on your jam-packed tour. 




Travelling’s made easy on an escorted tour – whilst your guide will show you the very best sights, they’ll take you off the tourist trail to see sights and hidden attractions you wouldn’t otherwise find by yourself. What’s more, you’ll travel with like-minded individuals who will only add to your holiday experience.

Take a look at Wendy Wu Tours’ customer views on touring, that should sway you!


If you’ve been inspired to visit Japan on an escorted tour, give us a call and we chat it through.

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