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Why it's worth a visit to Japan

A friendly culture, an incredible food scene, ancient history and technology we’ve not even dreamed of here yet, Japan’s brimming with reasons to go – no wonder it’s high on the travel-list for so many of us. And with two of the world’s biggest sporting events in 2019 and 2020 being hosted in Japan, it’s becoming even more popular!   When visiting multipl...

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Temples, gardens and cherry blossom – it has to be Japan

Japan is a holiday destination inspiring such a vast array of images, thanks to its bustling cities and beautiful landscapes, for example Tokyo has the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world where as Nara City boasts beautiful tranquil temples. Japan’s capital Tokyo is weird, whacky and busy! This combination found in few other cities is what makes it so appealing to many different trave...

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